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  • n. An object whose name the speaker or writer cannot remember.
  • n. In particular, the remote control for a television.


Respelling of "do for", as in "this name will do for what it is I am describing" Alternatively: "It'll do for that job!" (Wiktionary)


  • I wonder if the doofer-neighbor smoking next door on his porch is the source.

    Gadget-influenced Hypochondria

  • Oh, she was pretty much correct, while the rest of you made stabs at it being a doofer for microdermabrasion, a vibrator, razor or even a teeth whitening gadget.

    Irish Blogs

  • That's not all: if you forgot to bring your old doofer in when you bought new, you can bring it back at a later date - just show a receipt for the new product and they should take the old one off you.

    Irish Blogs


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