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  • n. A person who predicts doom and gloom; a pessimist, naysayer, or Cassandra.


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  • He is the handmaiden of the doom-and-gloomer who thinks that the world is fast running out of corn, beans and gas.

    Investment Page-Turners for the Summer

  • As a media dissector and editor of MediaChannel, I have followed the reporting of this story closely with many detailed articles and in two books since, even before it became a story back to 2005, when I made my film, IN DEBT WE TRUST, only to be dismissed by some as a doom-and-gloomer for exposing the subprime mortgage fraud.

    The Smirking Chimp - News And Commentary from the Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy

  • Taken alone, Mr. Woodford could be passed off as a doom-and-gloomer. Front Page

  • Q: Is there anything that can happen that would turn you into a pessimist - a doom-and-gloomer -- when it comes to the fate of free market capitalism?

    Kudlow's Money Politic$

  • And recommending this film to a few friends - especially friends who like lighthearted romantic comedies and animated Pixar flicks - why, people are going to think that you are some kind of radical or doom-and-gloomer, or that it is you who has the problems, not the U.S. government.


  • The change of administration, shifts in power and influence in Congress, the throes of an economic depression and an ongoing process at the Federal Reserve Board to review and revise Truth in Lending rules have formed the "perfect storm" for regulatory upheaval in several areas, not the least of which is the open end portions of Regulation Z.Mr. Muddle-Through, John Mauldin, who is neither a wacky optimist nor a doom-and-gloomer is heading toward capitulation in his last newsletter.


  • "local hothead" or sometimes "extremist loudmouth doom-and-gloomer" or (my favorite) "looney toon" but to most people I am known as just a guy who never shuts up about the horrors of inflation in prices that is going to be caused by the inflation in the money supply by the Federal Reserve.

    The Daily Reckoning


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