from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. The bulb or handle on a door-lock spindle, by which the door is opened.


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  • On the chest of one hung a white door-knob, on the chest of another the handle of a china cup, on the chest of a third the brass cog-wheel of an alarm clock.


  • "It stinks," said Joe DiGregorio, 63, as he stood on his damp front porch here, a Toomey campaign door-knob brochure, crumpled up and soggy, stashed behind a stack of fire logs.

    Pa. voters under assault: Ads from 3 states and stacks of mail every day

  • He was brought back to himself by the rattle of the door-knob.

    Chapter 45

  • His hand was on the door-knob, and he half turned as he answered,


  • Cassie turned the glass door-knob and let herself in, heart hammering at her daring.

    Rogue Oracle

  • On the chest of one a china door-knob was suspended, on the chest of another the brass wheel of an alarm clock.

    Chapter 2

  • The speaker, a strong-faced, grizzled man, heavy-set and of military bearing, pulled up his collar and rested his hand on the door-knob.


  • Jerry had seen his mother so mishandled, and, ere he had learned discretion, alone in the high grass had been himself club-mauled by Godarmy, the black who wore a china door-knob suspended on his chest from his neck on a string of sennit braided from cocoanut fibre.

    Chapter 1

  • He took her hand in his, and, as he turned the door-knob, felt her hesitate.

    Chapter XXIV

  • That same sureness and definiteness of adjustment with which, without fumbling or approximating, he picked up a pencil or reached for a door-knob, was his in the more complicated adjustments, with which, as instance, he drove a high-powered machine at high speed over busy country roads.



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