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  • n. Plural form of dopant.


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  • At the FZD's ion beam center, foreign atoms known as 'dopants' are implanted into the nanowires. - latest science and technology news stories

  • This went against all accepted knowledge in the silicon community: It is widely believed at the time among practitioners of the silicon art that the oxide layer used to mask dopants was dirty and, as a result, had to be etched away.

    The Planar Process

  • Further, I think that graphene, a 2-dim layer of hexagonal carbon. with different P and N dopants will also become a solar cell of the future.

    Nuclear Fusion Power Closer to Reality Say Two Separate Teams | Universe Today

  • The impurities – or dopants – are added to semiconductors to fine-tune their electronic properties.

    Nano-Electronics Boosted Atom by Atom | Impact Lab

  • Correctly doping the ultra-thin channels that the consortium hopes to use is simply too difficult-hence the decision to do without dopants altogether and build channels out of pure silicon.

    The Economist: Daily news and views

  • As transistors get smaller, however, laying down n-type and p-type materials in proximity gets harder, thanks once again to fluctuations in the concentrations of dopants.

    The Economist: Daily news and views

  • Recent experiments have probed the influence of chemical dopants on the carrier mobility in graphene.

    Haddock Links

  • In graphene, on the other hand, dopants are generally deposited on top of the carbon sheet rather than taking the place of some of the carbon atoms.

    R&D Mag - News

  • Silicon's capacity to retain metal dopants in its crystalline structure increases with temperature, explain the study's authors, many of whom work in Tonio Buonassisi's Laboratory for

    Scientific American

  • Source and drain contain high concentration of foreign atoms (dopants) which provide the excess of free electrons (n+ regions) or holes

    D Mag - News


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