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  • n. A file or directory whose name begins with a dot (period or full stop), typically hidden from view.


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dot +‎ file


  • If an application I install decides to dump a large cache inside a dotfile in my home directory, my backups suddenly start ballooning.

    Snell-Pym » Backups and Archives

  • It would be really nice if you would use the XDG Base Directory Specification1 instead of yet another dotfile directly in $HOME… the specification is getting more and more common as it gets adopted by more and more applications and distros.

    Miriam Ruiz

  • Debian Linux Security Advisory 2085-1 - It was discovered that in lftp, a command-line HTTP/FTP client, there is no proper validation of the filename provided by the server through the Content-Disposition header; attackers can use this flaw by suggesting a filename they wish to overwrite on the client machine, and then possibly execute arbitrary code (for instance if the attacker elects to write a dotfile in a home directory).

    Hack In The Box

  • You can edit its dotfile directly, or use the interactive GUI configurator (fetchmailconf) supplied with the fetchmail distribution.

    Softpedia - Windows - All

  • Such files are a strong point of all Unix variants in my mind, since I'd rather edit a dotfile than have to use a GUI tool to make some sort of basic change.


  • The last-check date of a timeline is just saved in a dotfile, so unless you did something about that, you'd see the same updates on each machine.

    The Changelog

  • Is there a decent dotfile manager packaged in Ubuntu/Debian?

    Source Guru

  • When you say dotfile, do you mean dotfile or config file in etc?

    Source Guru

  • The indirection allows to control what dotfile is actually in use more in a more fine-granular way.

    Source Guru


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