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  • adj. comparative form of dotty: more dotty


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  • The whole idea – driven, apparently, by the need to get more southern bums on northern seats to fulfil contract pledges – couldn't be dottier.

    The BBC wants to have breakfast in Salford. What a dog's dinner

  • There is no shortage of dotty regulations, preferably in particularly obtuse gobblydegook legalese, which can be held up as examples of those headed for the chop and the dottier the better: Labour will look intensely foolish if they try to defend some of the dafter things that can be thus paraded.

    Stealth Tax Cuts

  • Over the last several years, it has seemed to me that the Left, ecclesial as well as political, is getting dottier.

    Usury: the progs are cracking

  • The look became dottier and dottier, until it morphed into a kind of homeless masquerade, one that was accented by subtle luxuries like a cashmere muffler, a Balenciaga lariat bag and of course her signature carryout latte from Starbucks.

    "Ashcan chic ... a kind of homeless masquerade."

  • Thus, one is left with three morals that are also the morals to so many modern tales: the celebrity media is far too dominant for anyone's good; fame turns already dotty people even dottier, and have more faith in your own judgment instead of listening to idiots.

    The Guardian World News

  • The whole idea - driven, apparently, by the need to get more southern bums on northern seats to fulfil contract pledges - couldn't be dottier.

    Latest financial, market & economic news and analysis |

  • These student's aren't going to be happy leaving University, saddled with debt, to face the prospect of ending up as a teaboy on one of Baldrick Brown's dottier schemes.

    British Blogs

  • A visit to the parlor from the Marmion Plantation in Virginia located in the Met's Gallery 720, however, might provide a bit of encouraging perspective; some of the descendants of the slaves who likely tended the parlor's guests may have been lured into subprime mortgages while their White counterparts were given better deals, but you'd have to be dottier than a guy who wants to arrest judges not to realize that we are all better off than we were during the "good old days" for which certain social luddites yearn.

    Tanya M. Acker: Ditch the Xanax: Why the Metropolitan Museum Is a Better Cure for American Grumpiness

  • a PR man; Charles Dunstone, the co-founder of Carphone Warehouse; and various county pals of Charlie's, some of whom sound even dottier than you might imagine.

    The Independent - Frontpage RSS Feed

  • It may be as dottier than a Dalmatian, but it's sweet-hearted, inventive, deliciously odd and thoroughly satisfying. "

    Entertainment Weekly's PopWatch


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