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  • n. The state or quality of being dotty, mildly insane or preoccupied


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dotty +‎ -ness


  • And I have to concur with the consensus - your fake dottiness is just as convincing as your fake ageing.

    Young Boris!

  • Mike Liccione discusses the "dottiness" of both the far right and the far left, saying:

    Tea at Trianon

  • Was Rupert Murdoch's dottiness a strategy handed down from Edelman or was that him abandoning his libretto to declare himself suddenly humble if that's humility...

    Jeff Jarvis: Murdoch's Public Relations -- Against the Public

  • Tea Party dottiness - "shrinking government and slashing taxes" may temporarily channel the frustrations voters feel at the high levels of unemployment, but it won't make America great again.

    Nigel Hamilton: Rahm Is Going

  • The Met may be a repository of various transformative moments in world history, but to suggest that a mere museum visit could itself transform our dialogue -- especially in an election year -- would perhaps be indicative of an altogether different type of dottiness.

    Tanya M. Acker: Ditch the Xanax: Why the Metropolitan Museum Is a Better Cure for American Grumpiness

  • Sometimes she's distracted to the point of dottiness, sometimes she's sharp as a tack and still seductive.

    'Like Crazy': From Cupid's Blunders, Wonders

  • Droll in her dottiness, the old dame is devoid of illusions about the hypocrisy that surrounds her.

    'The Help': '60s Racism in Black and White

  • When you encounter a talented celebrity who is advancing a bit in years and is clearly Not Quite In His Right Mind, there is always that hope that the star's eccentricities belie the kind of lovable dottiness and refusal to give a whit that can come with age ... as opposed to, you know, actual manic depression.

    Chris Willman: One Last, Strange Night With David Carradine

  • We indulge our elders their occasional moments of dottiness.

    princeofcairo: Clash of the Idols

  • Several long-standing members I know berated the dottiness while sitting in a pub or their living room, then went to the meetings and meekly sat there without saying a word, even voting for measures theyd privately declared to be ridiculous.

    What's Going On


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