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  • n. A gold coin of the value of 10 or 11 shillings, current in England in the seventeenth century. It was first issued by James I.


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  • So they say, if he does Israel's bidding, Israel will put in a good word with Washington, and Gamal will get his Pschent double-crown.

    Michael Vlahos: A Turkish Renovatio ?

  • "Your wedding band might have been part of Pharaoh Ramses II's double-crown once," Lahr explained.

    The Bear and the Dragon

  • In thy wrestling, O all-praised (mentioned by name), thou hast endured double suffering, having mixed with the sweat of abstemiousness the blood of martyrdom; wherefore, O holy one, the Benefactor hath also granted thee a double-crown, unto Whom thou art gone up brightly adorned as a virgin all unblemished and as a martyr invincible.

    The General Menaion or the Book of Services Common to the Festivals of our Lord Jesus of the Holy Virgin and of Different Orders of Saints

  • She wore the royal robes of Khem, the double-crown of Khem fashioned of gold, and wreathed with the uraeus snakes, was set upon her head; in her hand was the crystal cross of

    The World's Desire

  • This store is not composed mainly, or even largely, of the coins of the nation which owns the store; it consists of the sovereigns of England, the louis of France, the Willems d'or of Holland, the eight-florin pieces of Austria, the double-crown of Germany, the half-imperials of

    Jennie Baxter, Journalist

  • Westminster: Malibu's wire fox terrier Eira goes for the double-crown dogs prefer -- but like millions of other lovers of canines of all kinds, I'll be tuning in Monday to watch the Morrison: The Supreme Court and the slaughterhouse Controlling wolves: War on wildlife or basic necessity?

    News -

  • This large sandstone statue of the pharaoh Amenhotep IV shows him with a double-crown, on top of his "nemes" royal headdress.

    Seattle Post-Intelligencer: Local News


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