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  • n. A set of domino tiles with 28 tiles.


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  • In 2007 Bravo published his memoirs, El seis doble double-six, a reference to the domino piece that was painted on the tail fin of his unit's planes.

    Archive 2010-01-01

  • If I place the dominoes facedown on the table, he can make a blind draw and come up with high-scoring pieces, like double-six and double-five.

    The Cat Who Came To Breakfast

  • And now, after all those years, Qwilleran had a cat who was interested in double-six — most of the time.

    The Cat Who Came To Breakfast

  • Suppose it be double-six, the other player is bound to put down a stone on which six appears, placing the six next to the double-six.

    My Book of Indoor Games

  • Perhaps he may put six-four; the first player then puts six-five, placing his six against the opposite six of the double-six; the second follows with five-four, placing his five against the five already on the table; thus, you see, the players are bound to put down

    My Book of Indoor Games

  • B then plays six-blank onto the double-six on the left-hand side and scores 2 (three dividing into six twice).

    My Book of Indoor Games

  • A starts the game by playing the double-six, for which he scores 4 (three dividing into twelve four times).

    My Book of Indoor Games

  • In the double-six set there are seven "suits," each named after some number from six to blank.

    Entertainments for Home, Church and School

  • I would ask you, Messer Cicero and Messer Seneca, whose dog-eared volumes I see scattered upon the floor, of what use is it for me to know better than any master of the Mint or a Jew of the Pont-aux-Change that a gold crown piece is worth thirty-five unzain at twenty-five sous eight deniers parisis each, if I have not a single miserable black liard to risk upon the double-six?

    IV. Fate. Book VII

  • For hour after hour there was scarce a sound, save the rattle of the dice and an occasional exclamation from the old man as he threw a double-six.

    Northern Lights, Complete


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