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  • adj. Characteristic of a douche (jerk).


douche +‎ -y (Wiktionary)


  • In the end, the advertisement makes its point effectively: If you're in a big hurry, ride a bike; If you're very wealthy, slightly "douchey," and you value comfort and ass warmth over efficiency, drive a Mercedes.

    Creature Comforts: Let's Get Serious

  • As you're probably tired of hearing by now, this evening at 6:30 I will be visiting the Rapha Cycle Club in the Bowery, which is a once-gritty and now "douchey" area in Manhattan.

    The New Smugness: Keeping it to a Minimum

  • IaSg14 New Doctor Who trailer makes it look kind of douchey and kiddy, but interesting.

    British Blogs

  • FASHION STATEMENT: Savannah's ex-boyfriend - the frat-boy type for whom the term "douchey" was coined - sports a white Izod sweater because, of course he does. Site Feed

  • "I have a knack for predicting which tattoos will be 'douchey' in 10 years."

    Ottawa Sun

  • I actually thought he was kind of douchey at UGA, but he came off really smart and laid back in this interview. thats because he's not sauced/hung over.

    The Big Lead

  • He's already locally famous down there for his unbelievably (cannot say "douchey" ... think, dammit ...) uh, self-absorbed blogging.


  • Also, (and unrelated): it looks kind of douchey when people write lists of bands like that with proper capitalization.

    Original Signal - Transmitting Digg

  • He couldn't find a polite way to say 'douchey'. that had Pujols just done the leg kick the whole time, he wins the derby and does a better job of preserving his swing, since he would never do that in a game. - All Posts

  • “Phelps does seem sort of douchey to me too, but he also seems the sort of d-bag that most of us would turn out to be if we did nothing but train and swim all of our lives.”

    Matthew Yglesias » Marijuana and Athleticism


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