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  • n. A stanza of twelve lines.
  • n. A French plated or billon coin, the twelfth of the franc d'argent under the Valois kings and the twelfth of the silver écu d'argent under Louis XIII. and his successors.


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  • For instance, Yeats in 1892 rendered a version of Ronsard's 'Quand vous serez bien vielle' - a sonnet in Petrarchan form - into what's called a douzain, or 12 lined lyric.

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  • The coins most commonly found at archaeological sites in Quebec have been the copper double tournois, the copper douzain, the billon douzain, the copper liard, and the silver quatre sols.

    Champlain's Dream

  • “Now here’s a fellow, ” continued Coppenole, “I have a mind to dine with, even if it cost me a new douzain of twelve livres tournois.

    V. Quasimodo. Book I


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