from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Pertaining to or resulting from a downward movement, as in faults.


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  • She knew the shapes all too well, those long bodies and down-thrust wings and nacelles, like oiswuh diving, their long necks thrust forward, the terrible claws out.


  • In fact, it appears to be precisely the most self-sufficing that bear least hardly, least painfully, on other things, while the heaviest and earthiest bodies — deficient, falling, unable to bear themselves upward — these, by the very down-thrust due to their feebleness, offer the resistance which belongs to the falling habit and to the lack of buoyancy.

    The Six Enneads.

  • Dubcek's dark features bored in on him in the familiar expression --- down-thrust head and knitted brows, eyes looking up through them like a boxer's.

    Oberheim (Voices)

  • The whole Dollar price structure appears to be forming a larger bearish pattern, with the initial down-thrust to the December lows being the start of a move that was interrupted by a

    Afraid to Blog

  • In hand-to-hand work one lunged with the bayonet in a vicious, swinging up-thrust, following through with an up-thrust of the ax-blade as one rushed in on one's opponent, and then a down-thrust of the butt-spike, developing into a down-slice of the bayonet, and a final upward jerk of the bayonet at the throat and chin with a shortened grip on the barrel, which had been allowed to slide through the hands at the completion of the down-slice.

    The Airlords of Han

  • a resistant matter, for there is neither the down-thrust [as of the seal] nor [the acceptance] as in the wax: the process is entirely of the intellect, though exercised upon things of sense; and what kind of resistance [or other physical action] can be affirmed in matters of the intellectual order, or what need can there be of body or bodily quality as a means?

    The Six Enneads.


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