from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • adv. With the wind.


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  • A native of New England, especially a typical seafarer from the coast of Maine, reputed to be unusually tough and reactionary, and supposedly so-called be-cause the region lay east and down-wind of the main American Atlantic ports.


  • Slowly moving and staying down-wind of the herd, they made their survey.

    Cattle Town

  • Varian caught sight of the mottled hides under broad and dripping tree leaves, down-wind of the creatures.

    Cattle Town

  • In that second I had a vision of those lonely, gully-crossed crags above us, with their great reaches of forest in which you could get lost for days, and mist blotting out sight and sound of all companions - and myself, alone, with Ignatieff down-wind of me, armed, and with that split eye of his raking the trees and heather for a sight of me.


  • Relentlessly, Ki-Gor crept forward, until he was behind the gorilla-man, though still down-wind from him.

    The Green-Eyed Shwemyethna

  • If you stand a few miles down-wind from a factory farm, you can pick up the pathogens easily.

    Johann Hari: Our Hunger for Cheap Meat Has Created Swine Flu

  • Wind increases oxygen supply, convects heat and can produce “spot fires” from fragments that blow down-wind.

    Fire ecology fact sheet

  • A buck will circle down-wind, so you must keep a fence, bluff, river, or line of dense brush on your downwind side to block his path and steer him into range.

    Scott Bestul's Six Tricks for Fooling Trophy Whitetail Bucks During the Rut

  • And that is a very satisfying aesthetic feeling as you make that swoop around the so-called "down-wind leg" (when you're going opposite the runway) to the so-called "base leg" (when you turn ninety degrees) and then the final leg when you're going toward the runway.

    The Soul of a New Flying Machine

  • Sam hoped they would be able to come at the animal from down-wind.



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