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  • v. Present participle of downclimb.


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  • Sep 21st, 2002 at 9: 08 pm oooooh, climbing DOWN from the roof to a window, gotcha, downclimbing is horribly dangeorus, you simply cant see whats below you.

    Story on Billy Dean's Falling Death at

  • After that, I went and did some drill -- feet only on the slab wall, and then climbing and downclimbing on the bunny wall.

    if you don't like my peaches, baby, why you wanna shake my tree?

  • Then I did a little bit of work no-hands and then downclimbing on the slab wall, and called it a night.

    she got a six foot pitchfork. i see the wrecking ball.

  • I also did a friendly old 5.7 I know well, and ran up and down a 5.6 for the downclimbing practice.

    mama says you gotta go to the baptist fashion show

  • I had a pretty good night at the climbing gym -- including being smart enough to stop doing hard stuff when my shoulder started to hurt, and just go out to the slab wall and work on climbing up and then downclimbing.

    "Great. More drinking on the job."

  • The most dangerous part of this endeavor is the downclimbing, as often there is a psychological let-down of attention post-summit, leading to a missed clip or a stumble with the crampon points and either one can kill you quickly here.

    Count Your Blessings

  • The downclimbing and rappelling are easy enough for me; the walking not so.

    Canyoneering Heaven

  • Below Mooney, which we descended by a system of tunnels, chain ropes, and downclimbing, a faint trail disappeared into tall thickets of grasses that sprang from the sandbars.

    127 Hours

  • Despite the gnarly descent, I remembered a moment of downclimbing blocky purple rock into the yellow-lichen-coated central notch at the head of the Bell Cord and looking out to the west over the lush velveteen green of Fravert Basin.

    127 Hours

  • Descending the summit ridge, I contorted my body over my gloved hands, poised on loose mudstone slats, to make a difficult downclimbing maneuver through a fifteen-foot-high band of cliffs.

    127 Hours


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