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  • adjective Describing a sample taken from further down a core


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  • However, the surface sediment contains a greater abundance of sterols (0.3–0.55 mg/g) than the downcore material (~0.15 mg/g), where reworked carbon has had a greater impact on the resultant ages.

    Domack on the Larsen 1-A Ice Shelf « Climate Audit

  • The one area that seems to be lacking is much data on “downcore dissolution”, that is, the Mg tends to dissolve out of the foraminifera after they are buried.

    The Hansen Splice « Climate Audit

  • This error does not explicitly include the potential bias of downcore preservation changes, although preservation differences clearly contribute to the standard error of the calibration Fig.

    The Hansen Splice « Climate Audit

  • PPS – Remember that we have not included the inter-lab error 95%CI ~ 2.3°, nor the post-sedimentation downcore dissolution error over the millennia, which Lea et al. estimate at a 95%CI of ~1°C … so I’ve actually been extremely conservative …

    Warmest in a Millll-yun Years « Climate Audit


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