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  • n. Alternative spelling of downdraft.


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  • The Bond 1 Rescue helicopter winched three people into the aircraft before winching was ceased due to the weather conditions and downdraught from the helicopters rotors..

    All 18 people rescued after helicopter ditches in sea near platform

  • Now the pigeons were wild with terror, leaping against the thongs that secured them to the pegs, beating their wings with such violence that they shed feathers, and the downdraught of air raised a pale cloud of dust around them.


  • Wind passing over the top of the vent pipe causes a flow of air from the pit through the vent pipe to the atmosphere and a downdraught from the superstructure through the squat hole or seat into the pit.

    Chapter 5

  • · Intermittent kilns include clamps and scove kilns (traditional field kilns), updraught and downdraught kilns.

    Chapter 4

  • Coal is suitable for all purposes, while wood is less suited for clamps and oil is not used for clamps, downdraught, Bull's trench and high-draught kilns.

    Chapter 4

  • These kilns were widely used until the beginning of this century, when they were replaced by downdraught kilns.

    2. Kilns

  • The height of downdraught kilns should not be too great, as it is difficult and time consuming to set bricks at heights that may not be easily reached by workers.

    Chapter 10

  • They include the clamp, scove, scotch and downdraught kilns.

    Chapter 10

  • Given the above varying circumstances, the heat required by downdraught kilns varies from 12,000 to 19,000 MJ per 1,000 bricks.

    Chapter 10

  • All but the downdraught and Hoffmann kilns involve the extra task of covering the green bricks with previously burnt ones and ashes.

    Chapter 10


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