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  • verb Present participle of downregulate.


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  • These effects indicate that astaxanthin has a role in helping to protect muscle cell components and downregulating the inflammatory process.

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  • In teenagers, the prefrontal cortex (involved in long-term planning, judgment, decisionmaking, and in downregulating the emotional centers) is still developing, as is the orbitofrontal cortex (involved in social judgment).

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  • While glucocorticoids work by downregulating inflammation, viscosupplements achieve their therapeutic effect by replacing the joint's natural viscous fluid layer, cushioning the union between two surfaces.

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  • Indeed, downregulating vimentin resulted in a significant decrease in p21 mRNA and protein expression as well as in p21 promoter activity.

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  • So far, the effect of downregulating miR-21 to enhance the chemotherapeutic effect to taxol has not been studied in human GBM.

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  • These results suggest that hUCBSC are efficiently inducing cytotoxicity and apoptosis in order to inhibit proliferation of glioma cells by way of downregulating XIAP and phosphorylated form of Akt. To confirm that downregulation of XIAP results in the inhibition of phosphorylation of Akt, the glioma cells were transfected with shRNA of XIAP (siXIAP).

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  • TNFα inactivation has proven to be important in downregulating the inflammatory reactions associated with autoimmune diseases.

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  • GGTI-2418 is a synthetic peptidomimetic inhibitor of GGTase I that appears to induce apoptosis by downregulating several pivotal oncogenic and tumor survival pathways.


  • GGTI-2418 is a synthetic peptidomimetic inhibitor of geranylgeranyltransferase I (GGTase I) that induces apoptosis by downregulating several pivotal oncogenic and tumor survival pathways.


  • CHOP acts to repress the promoter of the bcl-2 gene, thus downregulating antiapoptotic Bcl-2 protein and rendering cells sensitive to the proapoptotic effects of BH3-only proteins

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