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  • v. to narrow the field of choices, esp., to choose a supplier from candidates under consideration


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From down + select


  • "Effective competition between the industry bidders has led the Navy — separate from the downselect process — to engage with key defense committee members in Congress and their staff as well as industry on whether awarding each bidder a 10-ship block buy merits congressional authorization," he said.

    Navy May Split Ship Purchase Between Lockheed, Austal

  • Yes, but it was eliminated in the first downselect for the US Army/USAF Joint Cargo Aircraft, mainly because the Army did not want the Herc.

    David Pugliese reports an economy with the truth

  • The Government Accountability Office upheld USAF's decision to eliminate the C-130J in the first downselect.

    Why US Army doesn't want C-130J/Airbus A400M faces "'significant' challenges"

  • When Boeing produced promotional videos of the plane, for an advertising blitz before the ultimate downselect, it hired digital artists who had worked on Titanic to substitute another plane's outline for Monica's.

    Uncle Sam Buys an Airplane

  • In the two years leading up to the final downselect Druyun was the civilian in charge of the JSF.

    Uncle Sam Buys an Airplane

  • By the time of the first downselect, in late 1996, building a STOVL model still mattered, and McDonnell Douglas's odd, risky airplane was squeezed out.

    Uncle Sam Buys an Airplane

  • That was in 1996, when the field of candidates shrank to two in a process known at the Pentagon as a "downselect."

    Uncle Sam Buys an Airplane

  • Druyun's partner in delivering the message to the companies was Mike Hough, the military director of the program office in the two years leading to the downselect.

    Uncle Sam Buys an Airplane

  • Steidle has a chart that points to a procurement line between two teams and in 2008 there is a downselect.

    NASA Watch: Keith Cowing: March 2004 Archives

  • The MoD is expected to downselect its preferred option for Scavenger in 2012, with possible alternatives including the X-UAS development of EADS Defence & Security's Talarion UAV, which is already being offered to France, Germany, Spain and Turkey.



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