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  • adj. Having a slow tempo.
  • adj. Having a slow, relaxed pace.
  • adv. Having a slow tempo.
  • adv. Having a slow, relaxed pace.


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down +‎ tempo


  • I first heard his stuff back in my College Radio days (yo, WRBC, what's up?), before people were calling the kind of music he makes "chillout" or "downtempo" - there wasn't really a name for it, it was just part of the spectrum of electronic music.

    Move to this (Music (For Robots))

  • Much of Vibert's earlier output is either hardcore breakbeats and jungle-style madness, or (very dope) hip-hop-tempo beats that would now be called "downtempo", but the Kerrier District project - which first saw a full-length album released by Rephlex in early 2004 - is real-deal electronic DISCO music.

    Music (For Robots): November 2006 Archives

  • Sure, Massive Attack have long since vanished up their own bottoms and the whole scene seems so embarrassed by the way that it only exists to soundtrack Channel Four documentaries about modern architecture that it now prefers the term 'downtempo', but if anyone can save Trip Hop it's Gretchen Lieberum.

    A Brief Book Review by hecklerspray – Angels And Insects

  • Unfortunately, that presents something of a problem: this kind of downtempo romance tends to be rather homogenous, and consequently is perhaps best enjoyed in one careful voyage rather than dissected in the hunt for stand-out tracks.

  • Ambient Electronica (sometimes referred to as "downtempo" or "chillout") CDs / tapes are another excellent choice for "music to snooze by".

    Shaister Miester Do Da

  • Originally conceived by Amani Friend and Treavor Moontribe, fellow juggernaut Rara Avis joined in to produce three of the best downtempo South Asian electronica records in existence.

    Derek Beres: Global Beat Fusion: Karsh Kale's Cinema and Lost Desert Beats

  • These two new ones are just that much more refined, allowing plenty of time for the downtempo and few midtempo tracks to germinate and bloom.

    Derek Beres: Global Beat Fusion: Karsh Kale's Cinema and Lost Desert Beats

  • The rest of the week features an assortment of great music, from salsa to soul, to mid/downtempo, to Afrocentric beats.

    One of the Best Bar Makeout Spots in the City « PubliCola

  • But the band moved it to the forefront, transforming what had begun as a brooding, downtempo song.

    A Band 'Renews Its Vows'

  • Despite having more downtempo songs, I think this one might even improve on the first album.

    Weekly Mishmash: January 25-31 :


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