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  • noun See drachma.

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  • noun Dated form of drachma.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License



  • In Roman times, the value of the drachme usually equaled that of three-quarters of the denarius and eventually had the same weight of the Neronian denarius, i.e. 3.40 gr. of silver.

    Interactive Dig Sagalassos - Apollo Klarios Sanctuary Report 3

  • Vaughan, Fifteen Directions: one drachme of Tutia [_Tntia_]

    Early English Meals and Manners

  • Il avait les quartes, pour en guérir prend conseil d'une sorcière, laquelle lui fait une potion d'une once de semences d'orties, de deux drachmes de cantharides, d'une drachme et demi de caboule et autres, ce qui le rendit si furieux à l'acte vénérien que sa femme nous jura son Dieu, _qu'il l'avait chevauchée, dans deux mois, quatre vingt sept fois, sans y comprendre plus de dix fois qu'il s'était_ corrompu lui-même.

    Aphrodisiacs and Anti-aphrodisiacs: Three Essays on the Powers of Reproduction

  • The revenues that he received out of them were very great, no less than twelve millions of drachme.

    Antiquities of the Jews

  • [3] I permit them to have the same honor which they were used to have from their forefathers, as also for their small cattle, and for wine and oil, two hundred and five thousand and five hundred drachme; and for wheat flour, twenty thousand and five hundred artabae; and I give order that these expenses shall be given them out of the tributes due from Samaria.

    Antiquities of the Jews

  • [a] the best and safest remedie which I knowe, and this it is: Take of the distilled waters of verueine, bettonie, and fennell one ounce and a halfe, then take one ounce of white wine, one drachme of Tutia (if you may easilie come by it) two drachmes of sugarcandy, one drachme of Aloes

    Early English Meals and Manners


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