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  • n. A simplified spelling of draff.


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  • MLS gives slack jawed Canucks chance to watch draf...

    LIVE! blogging

  • Pastikan juga kertas kerja draf kurikulum sudah dlm peringkat 'stabil'.

    kieli Diary Entry

  • Party was draf However, TRC deputy chairman Do appear before it.

    ANC Daily News Briefing

  • But I tell her there's almost nobody in the house now, and we get a good draf 'through the rooms.

    Martie, the Unconquered

  • Well, so thishere young li'l Dills settin 'there puffin' an 'blowin' his ches 'out and in, an' feelin 'all nice 'cause it about the firs' time this livin 'summer he catch you' Aunt Julia alone to hisse'f fer while -- an 'all time the house dess fillin' up, an 'draf' blowin 'straight at you' grampaw whur he settin 'in his liberry.

    Gentle Julia

  • "Dis heyah registrashum fo 'de draf' am a whole lot like 'lection votin', ain't it?" he asked uncertainly.

    Best Short Stories

  • Connemara -- a draf 'from Portsmouth -- a draf' from Kerry, an 'that was

    Soldiers Three

  • '"Can't be too hard on a Home draf', "sez he;" the great thing is to get thim in-ship. "

    Soldiers Three

  • An ', by the Holy Articles av War, whin they wint aboard they cheered him till they cudn't spake, an' _that_, mark you, has not come about wid a draf in the mim'ry av livin 'man!

    Soldiers Three

  • I tould him fwhat I saw wanst in a draf 'in Egypt.'

    Soldiers Three


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