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  • noun An animal, as a horse, mule, or ox, used in drawing loads.


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  • This is a far cry from the draft-animal plowing, hand planting and hand harvesting performed by farmers in the 1700s.

    AP Environmental Science Chapter 7- Carrying Capacity

  • Assuming that about half the population is occupied with agriculture and that a family consists of 10 people, then 9 draft-animal teams would be distributed on 50 farms.

    1. Overview

  • In summary, the most important reasons for the distribution as well as the problems of draft-animal application are elucidated.

    1. Overview

  • As with the problem of draft-animal prices no connection could be established between the degree of draft-animal distribution, a tradition with draft animals or the climatic zone.

    1. Selection of animals

  • Nevertheless, the preference for motor mechanization led to a stagnation of draft-animal use by the end of the 1970s, since it was difficult or impossible for the farmers to acquire the necessary implements.

    1. Overview

  • The survey yielded the following picture for a division of work operations according to draft-animal use

    1. Overview

  • This book portrays the conditions of draft-animal use, the selection of animals and the utilization of the implements with regard to the variables of agricultural mechanization, including agroclimatic regions, soil types and farm systems, and subsequently to compile generalized experience with the implements.

    Chapter 1

  • Only in some marginal regions which were suited for draft-animal mechanization did the practice rapidly become widespread.

    1. Overview

  • Important key aspects which promote or limit the utilization of draft-animal mechanization are elucidated on the basis of a comparison of various locations.

    Chapter 1

  • It is particularly responsible for securing the supply of draft-animal materials.

    1. Overview


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