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  • Her hair was coming undone, draggling down in untidy strands, and her suit-jacket had come unbuttoned.

    red dust

  • She staggered about to face him, her hands crooked instinctively into claws to tear at his face and eyes, her hair draggling down into her eyes, and one sleeve of her shirtwaist half torn off.

    red dust

  • When he'd finished patting the soil back in place, the lower leaves were draggling in dejection.


  • There was Cowboy George disappearing into the sunset, draggling a few twigs of Crawford brush behind him, while Old Man McCain, patriarch of Sedona Ranch -- or one of those dang houses, never could remember which -- was waving him off with relief.

    Betty Fussell: Pistol-Packin' Sarah Shoots Up the Screen

  • Their heads were little more than skulls with wet hair draggling down the sides.

    Duma Key

  • Oh, my reader! may you never behold such a sight as that which presented itself: eighty-three men and women in ball-dresses; the former with their lank powdered locks streaming over their faces; the latter with faded flowers, uncurled wigs, smudged rouge, blear eyes, draggling feathers, rumpled satins — each more desperately melancholy and hideous than the other — each, except my beloved Belinda


  • My lady with the ermine tippet and draggling feather, can we not see that she lives in Portland Place, and is the wife of an East India Director?

    George Cruikshank

  • The draggling ends of a bright-red neckerchief were then disclosed, and he had even been at the pains of dipping parts of it in some liquid, to give it the appearance of having become stained by wear.

    Our Mutual Friend

  • Tai-yü was closely wrapped in a quilt of almond-red silk, and lying quietly, with closed eyes fast asleep; while Shih Hsiang-yün, with her handful of shiny hair draggling along the edge of the pillow, was covered only up to the chest, and outside the coverlet rested her curved snow-white arm, with the gold bracelets, which she had on.

    Hung Lou Meng

  • His long hair was a draggling, tangled, water-soaked mess; his clothing stained, torn, muddy, and also sodden.

    The Silver Gryphon


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