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  • noun Plural form of dray.


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  • On the Levee directly in front of her "drays" were depositing their last loads, passengers were hurrying forward hat-box in hand, in fear they might be too late; trunks, boxes, bags, and barrels were being rudely pushed or rolled over the staging-planks; the gaily-dressed clerks, armed with book and pencil, were checking them off; and everything denoted the intention of a speedy departure.

    The Quadroon Adventures in the Far West

  • One child ran back to the classroom at the last minute to get something, and by the time he returned to the door, the drays could no longer be seen so low was the visibility.

    Kate Kelly: Weather at Its Worst: The Schoolhouse Blizzard

  • Men in town realized the children needed to be taken home, and they appeared at the school with horse-drawn drays for safer conveyance.

    Kate Kelly: Weather at Its Worst: The Schoolhouse Blizzard

  • The sidewalks were lined with packing cases of books and drays being loaded with more books.

    Louisa May Alcott

  • Porters loading and hurrying away and returning to their drays against the swell and tide of hundreds engaged in the same task.

    The Dressmaker

  • And a stream of drays brought ice, boxed and packed in straw, and all manner of delicacies that the overworked kitchens and gardens of Shene could not supply.

    The Dressmaker

  • Holdless men, their families crowded into wheeled carts or drays, arrived in a fairly steady stream.


  • Glenda, do the squirrels behave like the squirrels we know, or are their behaviours different, i.e. burying acorns, making drays in trees, etc. etc.


  • The men massed upon the drays allowed themselves to be jolted along in silence.

    Les Miserables

  • There were the usual entanglement and noise of carts, drays, omnibuses, waggons, and foot passengers, but the misfortune that had fallen on the wooden Midshipman made it strange and new.

    Dombey and Son


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