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  • Alas, the popular legend: The legend that the periodic table came to Mendeleev in a dream is discussed in G. W. Baylor, ‘What do we really know about Mendeleev’s dream of the periodic table?


  • That was the total fulfillment of the dream of the little fat girl from Utah, who had sat with her dad on a broken-down couch, basking in the silvery glow of the television in an otherwise empty living room, on that weird little street in that most enchanted of cities—the city where I lived under at least two or three spells before I even got to la-la land.

    Roseanne Archy

  • Thus, at the start of the twelfth century, were brought together the means, spiritual and temporal, which came to permit the realisation of the sublime dream of Godefroi de Bouillon; the Order of the Temple would be the swordbearers of the Church of John and the standard-bearers of the premier dynasty, the arms that obeyed the spirit of Sion.37

    The Templar Revelation

  • What if Cody Unser could get out of her wheelchair and live her dream of being able to take that first step?

    The Autoimmune Epidemic

  • Even more haunting was the dream of Robert Goddard 1882–1945, the American rocket pioneer.

    First Man

  • At twelve-forty-five P.M., I summited Capitol Peak and fulfilled a dream of five years.

    127 Hours

  • I got more attention, love, respect, and opportunities to keep speaking my mind than a broke-ass, little fat girl from Utah had a right to even dream of having—not to mention a boatload of money and the good things in life that all of that brings.

    Roseanne Archy

  • It finally sank in on the EU that their dream of having the rest of the UN membership somnambulantly proceed toward adopting the Outcome Document was just not going to happen.

    Surrender is not an Option

  • Mae felt as if a wizened fortune-teller was about to pop her graying head out of the billowing red curtains and demand whether she wanted to dream of her true love tonight.

    The Demons Covenant

  • Robert Stek, PhD, a “retired” clinical psychologist who waited thirty years to fulfill his dream of doing this type of research.

    The Sacred Promise


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