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  • noun Masses of detached floating ice which drift with the wind or ocean currents, as in the polar seas.


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  • He fought gale after gale, south to 64° inside the antarctic drift-ice, and pledged his immortal soul to the


  • A piece of stray drift-ice thumped against the boat and grated along its side.

    Chapter VIII

  • During the cold, dry, and stable "drift-ice stagnation" phase in West Greenland (approximately 1810 to 1860), marine mammals and seabirds concentrated at central West Greenland because the sea ice did not advance far north into Davis Strait.

    Past variability in Arctic marine systems

  • Nilsen had marked on the chart the limits of the belt of drift-ice during the three passages the Fram had already made.

    The South Pole~ Northward

  • During the "drift-ice melting stage" (1910 to 1960) the East Greenland sea ice decreased in Davis Strait and populations of marine mammals and seabirds increased in northern West Greenland.

    Past variability in Arctic marine systems

  • It was a pressure-mass that, as far as appearance went, might just as well have been formed out in the drift-ice.

    The South Pole~ The Start for the Pole

  • As regards the belt of drift-ice, Captain Nilsen thought that would cause us no delay in future.

    The South Pole~ Northward

  • On the Belgica, in the drift-ice to the west of Graham Land, we always had rough, unpleasant weather.

    The South Pole~ The End of the Winter

  • The ice continued slack, and on February 6 the rapidly increasing swell told us that we had done with the Antarctic drift-ice for good.

    The South Pole~ Northward

  • During the spring the drift-ice pressed in an insignificant part of one of the many points on the outer edge of the Barrier.

    The South Pole~ The End of the Winter


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