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  • adv. So as to drip.


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dripping +‎ -ly


  • So when I heard about the “drippingly juicy” roast beef and gravy sandwich from Eating in Translation at Best Bagel & Coffee (W 35th St.btw. 7th+8th), I obviously had to get my hands on it.

    Best Bagel Rocks The Roast Beef-Gravy Boat | Midtown Lunch - Finding Lunch in the Food Wasteland of NYC's Midtown Manhattan

  • Iran is also the most enigmatic, fascinating, and challenging nation, as drippingly sensuous as it can be violent; with a life-loving people imbued with a 2,500-year history of Persian pride, art, poetry, and passion.

    Let the Swords Encircle Me

  • The white confection of a garden display was just drippingly sweet.

    Living A Dream-Meeting In Malvern « Fairegarden

  • And all of it will done in the drippingly cynical name of the poor, whose poverty will assuredly remain the untreated cause of their numerous gaps, from achievement to health to job to prison, for yet another generation that remains preoccupied by "bold education reform."

    Corporate Vouchers and the Smell of Doing "Good"

  • So even though my post came off as drippingly sarcastic, there was an element of sincerity to it.

    Oh wait!

  • She climbed up and out on the chromium ladder at the deep end and walked drippingly to the little structure that contained the filtering mechanism and the heater, here of utilitarian design and screened by bushes, not the miniature Swiss chalet her father had had specially designed and conspicuously situated.

    The Houseguest

  • But too many of these songs end up sounding overly clean and canned and drippingly sentimental.

    Vince Gill's Four-Disc Musical Journey

  • And even if they thought Bush and Reagan were ideological soulmates, the "memoriam" page on the re-election homepage is so gutlessly smarmy, so acid-drippingly cynical, that I would hope most rational humans would see it for what it is: the pathetic lather-face of a boy pretending to shave with his daddy's razor.

    soft-shell crab roll

  • Nothing's a bigger turn-off than being on the God Squad, but then again, a few sentences of my drippingly sarcastic prose and all thoughts of Jesus would probably evaporate into ether.

    4/30/02 Today was a rare

  • Then, as Kurt drippingly ap - proached the man to explain his failure, von Lappus ordered, "Main battery, fire!"

    The Heirs of Babylon


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