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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of drivel.


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  • They are what Cheney and Wolfowitz and Rumsfeld and the rest of that "New American Generation" crew had in mind when they talked about market forces and the "opportunity for regime change" and when they driveled-on about spreading American entrepreneurial capitalism across the globe.

    Blackwater: the Visigoths

  • Larry Fafarman: If you want to disagree with others on the substance, feel free to — but “driveled” is over the line and, no, “troll” is not over the line, nor is “antisemite,” though you are of course free to defend yourself substantively against the charge, as you have tried to do.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Beware of Ellipses:

  • And the man driveled on in the dark, concerning himself for the most part with those interests which had occupied his life when he was a boy.

    Lying Prophets

  • He had driveled along respectably so far, he thought, but he had the sentimental longings of years, starved of expression, culminating in his heart.

    The Gentleman from Indiana

  • A painfully homely face with tears running from the closed eyes, with an open mouth that driveled and drooled.

    The Cost

  • "I oughtn't to have driveled about that accident," he said.

    An Unpardonable Liar

  • The very horses had caught the inspiration of the moment, champing bits in their effort to forge to the front rank, while the blood-stained slaver coated many breasts or driveled from our boots.

    The Outlet

  • All the way up the mountain he driveled to me about asparagus on toast, a thing that his intelligence in life had skipped.

    The Gentle Grafter

  • No true woman can love and reverence a man who is morally and intellectually lower than herself, and who has driveled down into a mere assenting puppet.

    Brave Men and Women

  • If the mine was a "developed" one, and had no pay ore to show (and of course it hadn't), we praised the tunnel; said it was one of the most infatuating tunnels in the land; driveled and driveled about the tunnel till we ran entirely out of ecstasies -- but never said a word about the rock.

    Roughing It


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