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  • n. A birdlike theropod dinosaur of the family Dromaeosauridae.


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  • It belonged to either a caenagnathid or a small raptor called a dromaeosaurid, according to a paper published Thursday in the journal Palaeontology.

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  • It's generally believed that a small species of dromaeosaurid (Velociraptor was one) called Troodon had the largest brain-to-body size ratio of all dinos, and probably had cat-like intelligence.

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  • I've been wanting to make an entry about two more new dinosaurs, the velociraptorine dromaeosaurid Linheraptor exquisitus from the Late Cretaceous of Inner Mongolia, and the "prosauropod" Seitaad ruessi from the Early Jurassic of Utah.

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  • After the writing, before dinner, I watched an episode of Nova online, about the discovery in China of the four-winged, feathered dromaeosaurid theropod Microraptor and the evolution and biomechanics of flight in non-avian and avian theropods.

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  • I answered an email yesterday from someone who's writing a book on Alabama paleontology and wanted more information on the velociraptorine dromaeosaurid (Dinosauria, Theropoda) tooth from the Mooreville Chalk that I described back in May 2004 (well, actually, the paper was written in 2001, I think, but published in May 2004).

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  • Shaharrazad and Suraa slew kobolds, dromaeosaurid theropods, giant spiders, ogres, (at Boulderfist Hall) and laid waist to countless humans at a Syndicate encampment (at Northfold Manor), all in the Arathi Highlands.

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  • It bores a relatively large, sickle-shaped claw, typical of dromaeosaurid and troodontid dinosaurs.

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  • It is the fifth dromaeosaurid discovered in these rocks, which are famous for their preservation of uncrushed, complete skeletons.


  • Xu said the new species documents a transitional stage in dromaeosaurid evolution from original ones with long and thin hind limbs to developed ones that were comparatively stronger.

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  • It is also well-known to paleontologists, with over a dozen recovered fossil skeletons - the most of any dromaeosaurid. - Business News


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