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  • adj. Like a drone (hum or buzz).
  • adj. Like or befitting a drone (one who does menial or tedious work).


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drone +‎ -like


  • In this work, the dronelike repetition of symmetrical sequences of chords attained a haunting and hypnotic power well attuned to the religio-spiritual themes of the libretto, adapted from the Hindu scripture the Bhagavadgt.

    Five People Born on January 31 | myFiveBest

  • Hackberry could hear a dronelike whirring sound in his ears, one he associated with wind blowing out of a blue-black sky across miles of snowy hills and ice splintering under the weight of thousands of advancing Chinese infantry.

    Rain Gods

  • As the Statist is building a culture of conformity and dependency, where the ideal citizen takes on dronelike qualities in service to the state, the individual must be drained of uniqueness and self-worth, and deterred from independent thought or behavior.

    Liberty and Tyranny

  • Jack is a Yuppie bored out of his wits by his dronelike existence.

    Getting Ready To Rumble

  • With each sounding, the group shuffled dronelike to the next station, where, with every ounce of concentration riveted to the questions on tagged structures, sixty seconds ticked incessantly away in their minds.

    Body of Knowledge

  • A trap which, far from confirming the individual's splendid isolation and independence, condemns the individual to a dronelike conformity of movement, or, as is increasingly the case, paralysis.


  • After a striking opening, the tape settled (not without lovely touches along the way) into a dronelike Eastern manner (a diatonic idiom does not preclude it) that has many devotees but is not, as I indicated, to my taste.

    Griffes Disharmony

  • And now he began to feel that he was the superior of this showy idler, that his own garments and dinner pail and used hands were the titles to a nobility which could justly look down upon those who filched from the treasury of the toiler the means to buzz and flit and glitter in dronelike ease.

    The Second Generation

  • Yet consider: Must we not further admit that owing to this want of cultivation there will be found in him dronelike desires as of pauper and rogue, which are forcibly kept down by his general habit of life?

    The Republic

  • The repression seems to be for the subpression of sexuality down the social order and the imposition of a more dronelike work ethic. Main RSS Feed


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