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  • n. Plural form of dropcloth.


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  • Milan's 'Salone del Mobile' Makes Way for Freak Furniture, lamps will looks like water droplets and couches will resemble dropcloths; that's right, it's the modern furniture show called

    Jaunted - The Pop Culture Travel Guide

  • It took three trips to get all his equipment over to her house: dropcloths, buckets, rollers, brushes, roller pans, extension poles; then to Ace for the paint.

    Bailey White: 'The Wedding Horse'

  • And in the afternoon, he had spread dropcloths and scraped and sanded the ceiling up and down Mrs. Soffit's rickety ladder.

    Bailey White: 'The Wedding Horse'

  • Anne Edmonds, the librarian at the time, created a “happening” by supplying paint and dropcloths.

    The Graffiti Experiment « Attempting Elegance

  • The dropcloths had been left behind by the crew, so all Ginny had to do was pry open a bucket, stir it with a critical look on her face, dip a brush into it and lay it gracefully onto the selected wall.


  • The living room would still be draped in dropcloths rather than new curtains.

    Danielle Crittenden: The Reno: Unleash Your Inner *Byotch*

  • So with a bucket of Cranberry Zing, and another of eggshell white, we motored home along with a full supply of dropcloths, brushes, and so forth.

    Vampire Kitchen

  • But Day 1 was taken up just with preparation: we had to scrub down the walls and ceiling with trisodium phosphate, and then scrub off the TSP with water, and then mask everything we didn't want painted, and drape plastic and paper dropcloths on all horizontal surfaces, and some of the vertical ones.

    Vampire Kitchen

  • The walls had been covered with dropcloths and then painted with hieroglyphics and lifelike tomb paintings.

    Avast, Ye Mummy!

  • And complicating matters, the tables were often covered with dropcloths to protect them from plaster and dust raining down from the ceiling during construction work.

    Living History


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