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  • v. Present participle of drownd.


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  • Thursday, Jul. 13, 2006, 7: 42 a.m. While my Honda (its name is "Bruce," by the way, in case you forgot) is recovering from its near-fatal drownding, I have been driving a rental car.

    bluemeany Diary Entry

  • P.S. If you wish, you may auction off this letter to the gurls of your collidge—on condition that the proceeds go to the Society for the drownding of Armenian Airedales.

    A Life in Letters

  • It was well for some folks that we scaped drownding; for mistress was very frexious, and seemed but indifferently prepared for a change; but, thank God, she was soon put in a better frame by the private exaltations of the reverend Mr Macrocodile. —

    The Expedition of Humphry Clinker

  • Jasper Fant came near to realizing his lifelong fear of drownding when his horse spooked at a beaver and shook him off into the icy water.

    The Lonesome Dove Series

  • Most of the men had long since grown bored with his drownding fears, and they left him to dry out his clothes as best he could.

    The Lonesome Dove Series

  • As soon as he reached swimming depth, he forgot Gus and everything else, due to a fear of drownding.

    Lonesome Dove

  • The dragging pants, with the rifle in one leg, were drownding him.

    Lonesome Dove

  • A forty-five is like fresh air to a drownding man -- generally has to be drawed in haste -- and neither one shouldn't be mislaid.


  • I seen the whites of his eyes show like he was drownding, and he grinned joyful as a man kicked in the stummick.


  • "Just jumping in and swimming out again is not quite the same as saving a drownding man," he said, with a sneer.

    Short Cruises


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