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  • adj. Without (recreational) drugs.


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drug +ā€Ž -free


  • Why aren't allthe networks explaining to their viewers that the major forces behind the prohibition movement partnership for a drugfree America and almost 100% of their contributors are the the alcohol and tobacco lobbies?

    U.S. attorneys told to go after pot traffickers, not patients

  • Do you really think gated communities and private schools are drugfree?

    The Volokh Conspiracy » A Step Toward Sanity on Medical Marijuana

  • So, I'm spending a month drugfree, and figuring out if financially this really is something I need to do.

    ana-ng Diary Entry

  • With his angelic features, Eminem, 24, could be the sixth Backstreet Boy -- except for that shirt that says drugfree on the front and liar on the back.

    Long Live Rock ā€˜Nā€™ Rap

  • Parents and teens who want more information on drug abuse and prevention can find it on several Web sites: justthinktwice. com drugfree. org dare. org or parents4achange. com

    New Addiction on Campus:

  • By the time I met him, he'd been sober and drugfree for years, and was starting to sell movie rights to his books, a fact he celebrated by buying extremely expensive cashmere sweaters.

    Planned Giving

  • I have studied much about drugfree psychedelics, including principles of yoga, shamanic trance rites and various other spiritual methodologies for inducing alterated states of mind, but as an asexual monk I never had cared about sex departments of the internet.

    Boing Boing: January 26, 2003 - February 1, 2003 Archives

  • A Web search reveals that I am on a heavily traveled path; there are dozens of sites offering help to the would-be drug-test passer, mostly in the form of ingestible products, though one site promises to send a vial of pure, drugfree urine, battery-heated to body temperature.

    Nickel and Dimed

  • A big part of that is making the schools safe and drugfree and free of violence again.

    Presidents Remarks To Law Enforcement Officials

  • Q Mr. President, how will you help make a drugfree America so I can feel safe walking out on the streets, so that no one's going to come up and ask me, would you like to buy some drugs?

    Transcript Of Town Hall Meeting Detroit


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