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  • adj. superlative form of druggy: most druggy.


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  • "Keith Richards" is the druggiest biography since "Wired," Bob Woodward's 1984 portrait of John Belushi.

    Who Could Hang A Name On Him?

  • Or they stayed on the floor and passed a joint and just kept looking in an acquired sort of awe, here comes the car, here comes the shot, and it was amazing that there were forces in the culture that could out-imagine them, make their druggiest terrors seem futile and cheap.


  • Pack up your bongs and rolling papers, kids: A new study shows New York is the druggiest college state in the nation.

    NYDN Rss

  • The Wiz'' is the dreamiest, druggiest thing Lumet did. Top Stories

  • But even that strange, sinister image couldn't have prepared us for what this actually sounds like … It's that damaged, that lysergic, a one-man outsider take on the druggiest moments from early '70s Miles Davis and especially Funkadelic, like "Wars Of Armageddon" off of Maggot Brain ferinstance.

    Swan Fungus

  • From its wealth of snaps from Schonberg, who dwelled amongst his city's druggiest for 10 years, to Bourgois 'active character-driven text, "Dopefiend" feels lived-in.

    The Clog

  • Tonight's previously reminds us that Adrianna is the druggiest druggie in druggietown, so I expect that she'll be getting screentime tonight.

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