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  • n. Plural form of drumlin.


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  • For instance, they say, the egg-shaped features that can be found throughout the northern parts of the country, known as drumlins, were created as glaciers reversed their flows and retreated back upland as the temperatures increased.

    Softpedia News - Global

  • When it melted away its terminal moraine built up the nucleus of the land masses now known as Long Island and Staten Island; other of its deposits formed the "drumlins" about Boston famous as Bunker and Breed's hills; and it left a long, irregular line of ridges of "till" or bowlder clay and scattered erratics clear across the country at about the latitude of New York city.

    A History of Science: in Five Volumes. Volume III: Modern development of the physical sciences

  • But they walked on either side of me, then met at the door, held hands, and went out into the purple night and disappeared into the drumlins.

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  • When he crested a ridge and saw what looked to be an endless rolling landscape of forested hills and drumlins spread out on the aprons of distant, rugged peaks, he almost stopped and turned back.


  • When David and I met, in Moscow, he often ate at the Starlite Diner, a stylized eatery a few blocks from the Kremlin screaming with brightly colored, kitschy Americana: its chocolate milk shakes and overpriced French fries reminded him of the food he used to eat with his dad, when they would step ashore after a day of sailing past the drumlins of Boston Harbor.

    Peace Meals

  • I miss the drumlins, maple, granite, and apple trees of my childhood landscape and feel utterly unrooted in this one.

    hie them forth when church bells ring

  • Broad till plains with thick and complex deposits of drift, paleobeach ridges, relict dunes, morainal hills, kames, drumlins, meltwater channels, and kettles occur.

    Ecoregions of the United States-Level III (EPA)

  • The Menominee Ground Moraine (50l) ecoregion contains an undulating ground moraine with drumlins and swamps.

    Ecoregions of Wisconsin (EPA)

  • Much of the Chippewa Lobe Rocky Ground Moraines (50g) ecoregion is comprised of productive but rocky soils, scattered wetlands, extensive eskers and drumlins, and outwash plains.

    Ecoregions of Wisconsin (EPA)

  • Irregular till plains, end moraines, kettles, and drumlins are common, and wetlands are found throughout the region, especially along end morainal ridges.

    Ecoregions of Wisconsin (EPA)


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