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  • n. Plural form of drumstick.


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From drum + sticks


  • As soon, therefore, as they had finished with the flesh of the peacock -- and while Ossaroo, who continued eating longer than any of them, was still engaged in polishing off the "drumsticks" -- the point of replenishing the larder became the subject of their conversation; and all agreed that to get up a stock of provisions had now become a matter of primary importance.

    The Cliff Climbers A Sequel to "The Plant Hunters"

  • A dollar a wing isn’t cheap, so an order of meaty drumsticks is a nice alternative.

    Korean-Fried-Chicken-Palooza: Kyochon vs. Bon Chon vs. Mad For Chicken | Midtown Lunch - Finding Lunch in the Food Wasteland of NYC's Midtown Manhattan

  • Parents of chickens have I seen this day, followed by their wretched young families, scratching nothing out of the mud with an air -- tottering about on legs so scraggy and weak, that the valiant word drumsticks becomes a mockery when applied to them, and the crow of the lord and master has been a mere dejected case of croup.

    The Uncommercial Traveller

  • A word about condiments: I wasn't wowed by the mild sambar, which substitutes pumpkin and a squashlike vegetable called "drumsticks" for carrots or potatoes.

    NYT > Home Page

  • - Being able to buy Cornettos aka drumsticks (the cone shaped icecreams) for .50 AUD.

    Latest from PALGN

  • The full tray uses vanilla cupcakes for all of the bases, and includes "drumsticks" (wafers, donut holes, and cornflake crumbs with vanilla frosting), "mashed potatoes" (caramel sauce, and vanilla frosting), peas and carrots (fruit chews, hard candies, and vanilla frosting), and "chocolate pudding" (chocolate frosting and sprinkles).

    Martha, I Am Available If You Need Me

  • It's a difficult art to find appropriate clothing (for work and play and air travel and the like) on a tight budget, (ok, and devoting some of that budget to other passions, such as drumsticks) - and knowing that most of the clothing that is found on the budget is doomed to quickly fall apart, and in some ways is disposable.

    long entry] - A Dress A Day

  • a deaf ear but would answer clear enough in the end, and recall the drumsticks and the equivocal bull, the cat's claws, and the unequivocal married person.

    Somehow Good

  • Arrange the pieces on a platter, placing the neck at one end of the platter and the "drumsticks" at the other, and the remaining pieces in order between.

    School and Home Cooking

  • She still remembered with enthusiasm Nurse Sampson and the "drumsticks," and managed to pick up now and then one for herself.

    Faith Gartney's Girlhood


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