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  • n. Drunkenness


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drunk +‎ -ness


  • The same goes for policing the areas blighted by drunkness, they should be charged if caught for the nusciance they cause and the cost they incurr while in the state they find themselves in.

    Tony Blair: The Next Labour Prime Minister?

  • A factory worker would emerge, find himself arrested for drunkness, and be robbed of his week's wages on the way to the precinct house.

    May 2008

  • Chodin: that is one of my drunkness rating systems …


  • After opening a few bottles of wine, our souls were pouring into each other, and I tried to hide the redness of my emotions behind the drunkness of perpetual evasion.

    Buzzine » The Cure

  • He had been drinking for quite a few hours—most of the hours since he fell off the bluff, in fact—and had reached such a depth of drunkness that he had temporarily forgotten the most important fact of all: Clara, his future wife.

    Dead Man’s Walk

  • From whence also arise feuds, and perpetual animosities, over most of the counties and corporations, while gentlemen of worth, spirit, and ancient estates and dependances, see themselves overpowered in their own neighbourhood by the drunkness and bribery, of their competitors.

    Andrew Marvell

  • Oh, and remember when drunkness in public became a victimless crime, and the police lost authority to assist these poor folks by dropping them off at social services or taking them to the drunk tank to dry out?


  • What disappoints me is the fact that the local church will be in full swing of festivities in every location and will allow all the swearwords, obscenities, drunkness, noise pollution without any respect to ill people.

  • Against it but for the reason that homosexuality is a sin just as is adultry drunkness and many other acts.

    Yahoo! Answers: Latest Questions

  • Also, how should I effectively respond to my teacher and the department head when I meet with them again? fastest way to get in a state of "highness" or "drunkness"??? kno any ideas? en Español

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