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  • Smudges of dirt and a few dry leaves marred the shine.


  • There were five of them, all men, walking in single file, as noiselessly as ghosts, their moccasined feet causing not even a rustle among the dry leaves that carpeted the woods.

    The Story of a Pioneer

  • A thick carpet of dry leaves under the giant beeches sheltered the Luxon crypt from the elements, and as Gideon and the Tar Man made their way blindly forward, there was a great rustling and a cracking of twigs.


  • They did not know, and he never told them, of the rabbits he had killed, of the quail, young and old, he had captured and devoured, of the farmers 'chicken-roosts he had raided, nor of the cave-lair he had made and carpeted with dry leaves and grasses and in which he had slept in warmth and comfort through the forenoons of many days.

    When the World Was Young

  • She liked to walk there sometimes and imagine that during tempests the king of the forest, dry leaves swirling around his motorcycle, would skid to a halt and demand unleaded gas from shadowy attendants while a mossy-faced knight sat in his sidecar.

    Jasper Dash and the Flame-Pits of Delaware

  • Upon the boards he heaped dry leaves for a mattress.


  • Silvanesti poem, written after the Second Summer of Chaos The dry leaves of the forest floor snapped and crunched beneath Calarran's knee as he settled into a crouch at the side of the patrol leader.

    Father Swarat

  • The doctor smiled down upon her, and then made himself miserable by reflecting that one day she would grow old, bent, and wrinkled, the sweet beauty would desiccate and disappear like dry leaves so that no one would know that it had ever been there.

    Captain Corelli's Mandolin


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