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  • n. An inflatable suit to provide thermal insulation to the wearer while immersed in water.


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dry +‎ suit


  • She was paddling a red Valley Avocet plastic sea kayak and was wearing a dull red buoyancy aid on top of a black and grey drysuit.

    Search for missing kayaker continues off Anglesey coast

  • You don a drysuit and scuba gear and descend through frigid, crystal-clear fresh water, runoff from a glacier 30 miles away.

    Water and Fire in Iceland

  • » Speaking of jealousy, the drysuit is very sci-fi, even with the little S&M collar clamp thing.

    Never felt more like a Goonie…

  • He habitually wore a data glove that had seen better days, and a tube-festooned, battered drysuit — pilot undress, that he sported as a badge of rank.

    The Year's Best Science Fiction 23rd Annual Collection

  • He popped the phone into his trouser pocket and, grinning at Rory, proceeded to strip down to his drysuit, placing his clothes and boots next to his backpack near the edge of the bridge.

    Be My Enemy

  • There had been a drysuit and a pair of heavy-duty walking boots (both his size, in accordance with details supplied on his RSVP) lying on his bed when he returned from breakfast.

    Be My Enemy

  • For the second time that day, she was enormously grateful for the drysuit, her feet telling her what temperature the rest of her body was being spared.

    Be My Enemy

  • Still worrying about the implications of the drysuit, he had actually been grateful to see the minibus leave, as it would spare him the concentrated 'wet dog' assault on his nostrils during the return trip that would have been the result of a dozen damp fleeces in a confined and unventilated space.

    Be My Enemy

  • With the protection of his drysuit, he had forgotten how cool it must be for an unprotected body.


  • As rain drummed on his drysuit, Essasu increased the magnification factor on his night lenses.

    The Howling Stones


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