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  • n. Plural form of duality.


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  • In his Erice talk, Gell-Mann spoke of some striking regularities called dualities that were observed in the collisions of hadrons.

    Euclid’s Window

  • In other words, (1) there are several hopes expressed about how non-perturbative string theory might look - including whether it exists - and whether several of the exotic properties - such as dualities, etc - that it has can really be captured in a sensible single model.

    News From The Front, III

  • The yin-yang concept was inspired by the "dualities" of the project and the client himself, according to rss feed

  • The performance of all acts of exchange as free gifts that are expected to be reciprocated though not necessarily by the same individuals--a procedure minutely articulated and perfectly safeguarded by elaborate methods of publicity, by magic rites, and by the establishment of 'dualities' in which groups are linked in mutual obligations--should in itself explain the absence of the notion of gain or even of wealth other than that consisting of objects traditionally enhancing social prestige. . .

    Polanyi on the market

  • The hucksters are painting the world in black and white dualities.

    The Bushman Way of Tracking God

  • Teasing is the way to soften rigid dualities not war.

    The Bushman Way of Tracking God

  • It wasn't the most straightforward of albums – rather, as the accompanying press release explained, Two Suns was "a record of modern-day fables exploring dualities on a number of levels".

    Return of the wild she-wolves

  • This subtlety of purpose is anathema to politically and morally unambiguous conservatives, who see the world in great big Murdoch-style tabloid dualities.

    James Marshall Crotty: Why Republicans Embrace Simpletons and How It Hurts America

  • En route, she mines and deconstructs canonical works of poetry and philosophy (Rig Veda, Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita); explicates basic concepts and dualities (karma, dharma, castes); scrambles traditional histories (women, animals, and untouchables are accorded new standing); and considers the assorted upshots of British colonialism on Indian culture, thereby pushing the Hindu story to the present.

    Cover to Cover

  • The world's dualities must vie inside the story, the characters, the scenes—and inside the prose.

    In Fiction, Opposites Attract


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