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  • n. A hairstyle in which the hair is swept back at the sides to meet in an upturned point in back.

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  • n. A hairstyle in which the hair is swept back into an upturned point at the back.


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duck +‎ tail


  • It is only five years since, in his 1963 New Year message, Dr Verwoerd referred contemptuously to the 'ducktail' nations of Africa who dared to criticize apartheid and, while unable to maintain stability in their own countries, worked for the downfall of the only stable power in Africa.

    The Rise of the South African Reich - Chapter 15

  • Mr. Snood described him as about sixteen years of age, medium height, with a long 'ducktail' haircut, and wearing a heavy black sweater.

    It's Like This, Cat

  • Of course, it is hard to miss that retro-cool fixed "ducktail" spoiler (originally featured on the legendary 1973 Carrera RS 2.7) replacing the pop-up on the standard Carrera models.


  • The answer - after much work by designers, planners, and production engineers, in and out of the wind tunnel - was a boot lid with an integral "ducktail", a feat of surface engineering that looks wide and low from behind but which from the side appears to have been "pinched" into an upward lip.

    Automotive Headlines

  • The design is also notably aerodynamically efficient, both in terms of low drag (Cd: 0.27) and zero lift at high speeds, thanks in part to the distinctive "ducktail" design of the boot lid.

    Automotive Headlines

  • The new M's "ducktail" spoiler incorporated into the boot lid is not just a distinctive design characteristic but also a key feature in terms of aerodynamic performance.

    Automotive Headlines

  • There is a rear spoiler in a fixed position made to look like the "ducktail" from the 1973

    Paul Tan's Automotive News

  • "ducktail" was barely visible from the cabin, standing in sharp contrast to the GT3's rear spoiler that dominates - and obstructs - the rearward view.


  • The President also had implanted a ducktail onto his lower-back for the purpose of nesting eggs to help save money for school lunch programs. Carvey Show Carved Out Great Careers

  • Ms. PATRICIA BATES: He was such a nice guy, but the only thing was he wore his hair in sort of a ducktail, I guess they called it.

    A Mother Is Faced With Death, And Finds Love


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