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  • v. To jump on one leg while moving the other back and forth, a motion sometimes employed by guitar players in popular music.


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duck +‎ walk, from its resemblance to the awkward waddle of a duck.


  • Mrs. Angus pointed out his duckwalk to me right away.

    If it walks like a duck....

  • After a year of harvest mornings, I could hunker down on my haunches and duckwalk along a row, my sharp knife flashing.

    The Dirty Life

  • The height change means that while you went through it with a slight stoop when you were young, you'll be going through in a duckwalk as a grownup, and considering that you do the equivalent of a couple of blocks underground your legs will be wobbly as hell by the end of it.

    back from radio silence

  • Along with that first letter, I attached a workout regimen I wanted my players to follow for the rest of the summer, including: 1. Twenty-five side straddle hops 2. Fifty toe touches; twenty-five with the right hand to left toe and twenty-five with the left hand to right toe 3. Thirty push-ups 4. Fifty sit-ups 5. Forty-yard duckwalk 6. Forty-yard frog hop

    Called to Coach

  • There was one 50-foot passage where I had to duckwalk along, getting jammed in place every so often by my camera case, which kept wedging itself between my body and the wall— it seemed a lot longer than 50 feet, and I emerged breathless and sweating.

    Log of the Eclipse (9)

  • Oh sure ... every now and then throw in a Chuck Berry duckwalk while you grin like an idiot.

    unclebob Diary Entry

  • Seconds after the boy began to duckwalk a blast of urine-colored light ripped through the opening.

    Soldiers Live

  • But when I squatted down to duckwalk forward into the shadows, in hopes I could get a look at what might eat me a few seconds before its jaws snapped shut, several gentlemen turned all noble and chivalrous.

    Water Sleeps

  • Tim moved back toward the wagon in an agonizing duckwalk he was coming to hate.

    Destiny's Road

  • He'd crouch behind the brush like a nineteen-year-old, duckwalk past Mount Apollo and down into Spiral Town.

    Destiny's Road


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