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  • n. Plural form of duiker.


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  • The majority of prey traces in the feces were from small mammals, particularly small hoofed animals called duikers, but monkey remains were also common (about 64 occurrences, while chimpanzee remains occurring only once).

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  • The study findings argue for legalized hunting for more abundant, fast-growing mammals such as duikers -- a type of antelope -- and rodents.

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  • Local people are allowed to hunt medium - and small-sized species such as duikers (small antelope) and porcupine.

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  • Elephants, gorillas and other primate species have already become extinct in some locales, the report states, while fast-reproducing species that thrive in agricultural environments - such as duikers or rodents - may prove more resilient.

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  • Local people are allowed to hunt medium - and small-sized species such as duikers


  • "The hypothesis is that if there is a good supply of low-value natural prey, such as warthog or duikers, the big cats aren't really interested in livestock," says Alan Hoffberg, 71, a Longwood, Fla., resident and Biosphere's U.S. spokesperson.

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  • The two ecoregions are separated by the Sassandra River, which represents an important biogeographical boundary for primates, duikers, amphibians, lizards, and other groups.

    Western Guinean lowland forests

  • There are also sidestriped jackal Canis adustus, puku Kobus vardoni, klipspringer Oreotragus oreotragus, and red and blue duikers Cephalophus natalensis and C. monticola.

    Selous Game Reserve, Tanzania

  • One direct impact is the bushmeat trade, which primarily affects duikers (Cephalophus spp.) that can comprise up to 80 percent of the harvest in certain sites, and monkeys (Cercopithecus, Cercobcebus, Mandrillus, Colobus spp.).

    Northwestern Congolian lowland forests

  • It has long been known that bonobos run after duikers and kill squirrels, but this is best kept out of a debate about aggression.

    Frans de Waal: Bonobos and Paula Jones


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