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  • n. Plural form of dukedom.


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  • Catledge wrote later of his fear that "the paper's continued preeminence" would be destroyed by its warring newsroom "dukedoms," its "smug" insistence on tradition as the overriding article of faith, and its "unnecessary stodginess in the way the news was reported and written."

    My Times

  • The Queen has a choice of several dukedoms such as Cambridge, Sussex, Connaught, and others, and she will avoid those with a negative connotation such as Clarence.

    Yvonne Yorke: William and Kate's Royal Wedding -- What to Expect

  • For centuries it was not even a country – it was a series of dukedoms, under one loose banner.

    Archive 2009-05-01

  • True, we don't have dukedoms and the like, but it's also true that money itself, new or old, provides lots of prestige in the US.

    The Economics of Inheritance in Vanity Fair, Bryan Caplan | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • Charles of Burgundy, Flanders, and Lorraine, Duke of seven dukedoms, Count of seventeen earldoms, I bid you defiance; and declare war against you in the name of the Confederated Cantons, and such others as shall adhere to them.

    Anne of Geierstein

  • After that, he continued to take over other dukedoms and expand the region as far south as the Rhein, including all the castles along the way that belonged to it.

    Tales from a Hilltop Castle

  • He wound up -- at the end, when he died, a huge funeral service for him in St. Paul's cathedral, the garter king of arms read out all his titles, and it took about 20 minutes just to read out the various princedoms and dukedoms and things he'd managed to collect over the course of his career, not really the mark of a modest man, I don't think.

    Napoleon & Wellington: The Battle of Waterloo and the Great Commanders Who Fought It

  • Meaner houses have grown up into dukedoms; ours never prospers.

    Wylder's Hand

  • The days of dukedoms and free cities are past, the days of empires are upon us.

    The Bloody Crown of Conan

  • In time, it became a prosperous, loosely knit nation of quarreling dukedoms and isolated robber-baronies owing reluctant fealty to the Didionite monarch at Holt Mallburn.

    Conqueror's Moon


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