from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • adj. Having poor eyesight.


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  • Momus was but dull-sighted in making this hostile criticism.

    On the Parts of Animals

  • And the dull-sighted peasant, seeing as though for the first time her untamed beauty, on an impulse offered to kiss her and make her his woman.

    Martin Pippin in the Apple Orchard

  • O Man! lift up thy dull-sighted eyes -- behold the wonder of the world, and the infinite universe about thee; behold thyself, and see thy many failings and imperfections, and thy stupendous littleness

    The Broad Highway

  • Kester caught up his clogs, and went quickly out through the back-kitchen into the farm-yard, not staying to greet them, as he had meant to do; and yet it was dull-sighted of him not to have perceived that whatever might be the relations between Philip and Sylvia, he was sure to have accompanied them home; for, alas! he was the only male protector of their blood remaining in the world.

    Sylvia's Lovers — Volume 2

  • Conscience is too quick-sighted after illumination, and too dull-sighted before.

    The Tryal & Triumph of Faith: or An Exposition of the History of Christs dispossessing of the daughter of the woman of Canaan.

  • We are here, too, I take it, to cure those who are dull-sighted in this regard, so that, with vision cleared, they shall join in the struggle for ocular conservation and make it possible to give sweetness of disposition and ever-present cheerfulness, not to the blind, the good God sees to that, but to those who shall be saved from blindness. "

    Five Lectures on Blindness

  • He's nothing but a corrupt, bald-headed, ridiculous, and dull-sighted person -- yet Elisaveta considers him a handsome man! "

    The Created Legend


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