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  • n. Plural form of dumbass.


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  • But, while Buck clearly had more tea party support than Norton, he also spoke out against certain elements of the movement -- calling them "dumbasses" -- and is less of a candidate of and for the tea party than people like Sharron Angle in Nevada or Rand Paul in Kentucky.

    Dueling polls in Colorado Senate race

  • Buck's recent description of some Tea Party members promoting the controversy about President Obama's citizenship status as "dumbasses" and Maes 'egregious campaign finance violations, however, may have alienated some of those aligned with the Tea Party movement.

    Aaron Harber: The Nation's Political Testing Ground: Colorado Elections & Candidates

  • But, Buck is also the guy who called some elements of the tea party "dumbasses".

    "Live Fix" chat: What Tuesday night meant (and didn't), Linda McMahon AND pro wrestling

  • (That description may not fit Buck following a news story over the weekend in which he was caught referring to Tea Party activists who question President Obama's country of birth as "dumbasses".) "Jane will fight Barack Obama's heavy-handed and unconstitutional attempt to block Arizona's landmark immigration law," Brewer said in a statement.

    McCain spending tops $16 million for primary race

  • Jane Norton, he made a series of impolitic comments -- the most potentially damaging of which was calling elements of the Tea Party "dumbasses".

    The Fix: In 2010, Colorado's where it's at

  • That candidate then goes on, of course, to call tea party activists "dumbasses" (to a Democratic tracker!) and make an ill-advised comment about the gender of his opponent.

    The costliest primaries of 2010

  • What kind of dumbasses would the Dems have to be to be emphasizing gun control and abortion with the Iraq War escalation failing and AG AG crashing and burning?

    Rothenberg: Dems On Roll Because Of Their "Moderation"

  • Most of my readers truly aren't included in the term 'dumbasses'.

    You Can Use Your Imagination

  • Colorado Republican Senate candidate Ken Buck has once again talked himself into some trouble - this time by calling certain tea-party activists "dumbasses" for questioning the legitimacy of President Obama's birth certificate.

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  • He'd be right, too, if he realized calling people who remain concerned about the credentials of the occupant of the Oval Office "dumbasses" was a deal-breaker.

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