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  • n. Stupidity.


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From dumbfuck.


  • .didn't even accuse him of "dumbfuckery" or anything even remotely profane..

    Ha ha, that's a good one, Robert.

  • AFTERSNERK: There is just so much delightful dumbfuckery in that article.

    You know, I'm pretty sure I mentioned that once upon a time.

  • Admissions are wrong so often it's not even funny, so this is not an ACTUAL judgement on you, it's just admissions dumbfuckery.


  • Now go read the inane, mouth-breathing dumbfuckery.

    Archive 2008-06-01

  • We now return you to your regularly-scheduled mocking of heinous CPoC dumbfuckery.

    Archive 2008-09-01

  • It's this kind of celebrated dumbfuckery that makes me want to kick Andrew Sullivan and the rest of that pack of “Black folks iz stupidah than da White folkz” believers dead in their Goddamned chests.

    Archive 2007-12-09

  • It takes a special brand of dumbfuckery to mess things up as bad as the GOP has these last few years.

    This Election Is a Fluke

  • Your first step out of the world of completely incurious dumbfuckery is acknowledging the field of Humanities.

    Drudge Retort

  • Using our coverage of his network, NBC, and their various acts of programming dumbfuckery, instead of his own network's streaming media platforms, probably with the intent of


  • The GOP spent 8 years engaged in all manner of idiotic dumbfuckery at the behest of crotch-obsessed religious right whackjobs - that's why they got their asses handed to them in November.

    Blogging Change


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