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  • n. One who is dumped (rejected romantically).


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dump +‎ -ee


  • And she really needs to stop telling the story of being the "dumpee" - she set that intention so early it was painful to see that she ended up becoming the most brutally dumped bachelorette ever.

    Entertainment Weekly's PopWatch

  • I had a bad experience with a girl when I was just a kid, and ever since then, I have ended every relationship I have been in: I've never been the "dumpee", always the "dumper".

    Yahoo! Answers: Latest Questions

  • I think Melissa is always the "dumpee" because she is boring, probably always agreeing with her man, whereas Molly is more challenging and has a mind of her own, which I feel makes for a better relationship.

    Entertainment Weekly's PopWatch

  • My current favourites are WotWentWrong, which allows dumpees to hassle their dumpers for answers via a third party the dumper provides their reasons for not calling them back, and the site sends the dumpee advice on how to do better next time, and NeverLikedItAnyway, a sort of eBay for the stuff that remains after a relationship dies, a ranty marketplace of engagement rings and I Wuv You teddies.

    Online break-ups

  • Sometimes it doesn't matter whether you are the dumper or the dumpee.

    Lovelorn in a Facebook Age

  • Of course, some one finally receives the books (call them the dumpee) and while there isn't much in them, they are too full of fluff to help level the dining room table.

    Romney lands book deal

  • But you don't have to be a Jonas dumpee to look up to Swift.

    In concert: Taylor Swift at Verizon Center

  • This year, attendees include: Chelsea Handler (to provide the irreverent sass), Gabourey Sidibe, ScarJo, Bradley Cooper, Michael Douglas, Betty White (could she be cooler?), Jon Bon Jovi, Mariska Hartigay and chronic dumpee Jessica Simpson, among others.

    Elizabeth Thorp: Washington's Nerd Prom -- White House Correspondents' Dinner Weekend Begins!

  • No matter which side you're on -- the dumper or the dumpee -- they're often fraught with guilt and betrayal and lingering "what-did-I-do-wrong" questions.

    Rachel Bertsche: Breaking Up Is Hard to Do -- Even More So With a Friend

  • The Judaic holiday dumpee should think of it as a Weight Watchers-like Quik-Start, an opportunity for nine nights of intensive weight loss before the broken hearted gentiles join the diet horde.

    Sal Cataldi: The Holiday Breakup: A Perfect Diet?


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