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  • adj. Resembling or characteristic of a dungeon


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dungeon +‎ -like


  • By February 28, May was directing Beatty and Hoffman on the premises of the defunct, dungeonlike Upper West Side club Trax, renamed the Song Mart, where Rogers and Clarke, were premiering their first song together on an open mike night.


  • Wherever she was—and her quick survey had told her only that she was housed in a tiny, dungeonlike room with stone walls, a beamed ceiling, a small slit of a window that no human being could possibly fit through and that revealed what seemed to be an impenetrably black night beyond—her situation was bad.


  • He shook off the feeling and refocused, opened the door, and stepped into the square, dungeonlike room.

    The Thieves of Darkness

  • As it turned out, the practice room itself was sort of dungeonlike—if the Rich Bitch Hill version of dungeons has dark walls covered with acoustic foam and thick black carpet on the floor.


  • And in a tiny, dungeonlike lab in the basement of Moscow's ominously named Institute of Psycho-Correction, Smirnov and other Russian psychiatrists are already working on schizophrenics, drug addicts and cancer patients.

    A Subliminal Dr. Strangelove

  • The wall was supposed to suggest a homey atmosphere but it resembled a mass of ugly bulging rock and it made the club seem dungeonlike or bunkeresque.


  • The crucible was a 40-person raid on the dungeonlike Core.

    Gaming: Embedded In Azeroth

  • Their capacity to reduce human light emissions lures the unwary into their dungeonlike playgrounds in the lower-astral regions described in religious texts as purgatory, hell, and the lower bardo.

    Arcturian Songs of the Masters of Light

  • Quickly hustled into a dungeonlike section of the prison near the main gate, Matt and Chet were separated, but not before they glimpsed two men in prison garb.


  • The corridor had stopped closing behind her and now had left her in a very small dungeonlike space.



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