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  • adjective capable of being duplicated


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  • There's a common thread amongst anti-vax advocates; the argument for vaccination is supportable with independently duplicatable science and statistics, while the arguments against are all built on encouraging and spreading fear, misinformation, doubt and unprovable conspiracy theories.

    Vaccination and the Assault on Health

  • In an increasingly global economy based on information - and with production techniques duplicatable anywhere - education is the new gold.

    Mark Green: 10 Big Goals for Obama's First 1460 Days, as Proposed by Progressive Policy Leaders

  • The added benefit is that this is a very duplicatable process to create other leaders in your business, teaching the teachers to teach.

    5 Ways To Grow Your Business Using « Articles « Literacy News

  • Which is to say, the problem that left stillsostrange and I stranded at a Shell station in Darkest Greenwich is not being duplicatable.

    supermodel cheekbones, equity and cash, miliseconds later, piles of ash.

  • There was that one irreducible (un-duplicatable) kiss untarnished by memory and expectation and bitterness.

    first kiss project « martinis & mantras

  • And once the training regimen is figured out, he says, that's "a replicatable and duplicatable model."

    Taking Care of Business

  • At the same time, humans glimpse themselves in the machine, the same and yet different, duplicatable and dispensable, replicatable and replaceable.

    Reading Machines

  • Mr. CHRISTGAU: Listening to Mr. Brown from my own talk, watching concert footage, hearing speaker after speaker detailed the precision and responsiveness of his band as the live show evolved, I began to wonder whether his music wasn't un-duplicatable.

    A Tribute to James Brown

  • CABOT: He's an immense, giant talent that was not duplicatable in any way, and whatever his neurosis and quirks were, they were great entertainment for us and I hope they weren't too painful for him.

    CNN Transcript Jan 29, 2004

  • Government bonds; bonds and preferred stocks of what they consider non-duplicatable franchise corporations such as railroads, which require rights of way; into municipal public service enterprises, such as gas companies, the existence of which depends upon rights of way for pipes; and into the stocks of banks and trust and insurance companies, which they believe the people will never dare attack because their savings are largely deposited in them.

    Frenzied Finance Vol. 1: The Crime of Amalgamated


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